• 1 hora
  • no
  • 300
  • 2 horas
  • no
  • 600
  • toda la noche
  • no
  • 1400
  • Edad – 25
  • Altura – 172
  • Peso – 49
Hello there! It will be a great pleasure to spend some time together with you! Or with you and your partner maby... It actually doesn't matter, if you are looking for a charming lady for a formal dinner, a lovely lover for a romantic date,  or maby a women of your life... but just for the next weekend ;) I am slim, elegent, sensual girl with a  pretty high dose of inteligence, offering GFE level meetings as a standard. I can adjust to you. The meetings I call rather "dates", because that's in fact how I percive them. I every time try to make my man miss my look, smell of my parfumes, my smile, voice and touch... Would you let me make it to you? Additional Info: I'm an independent escort and all photos are mine and actual. I don't send any extra pics, don't ask for a video call. I'm 1, 72m height, weight 49kg. Couples and Ladies are also welcome to contact me! Dinner date is a min 2h meeting. We start at your place, from where we going out. I dont accept being payed in public places, like restaurant or ATM. Overnight date takes 8-9h. You need to inform me about all your special preferences (above the GFE) BEFORE the meeting, best while making apointment. DUO is possible (I know few girls here in Warsaw) but usually not available on a short notice. Anal sex is NOT available on a short notice. Gangbang is limited to a 3-men group (total cost 1h/900EUR). It does NOT include services like: deep throat, anal, double penetration, any kind of BDSM.

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